David Blaq

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The world has never been where he came from but always about where he was going and that has always been towards gold.
This body of work encompasses the hustle of 5 years of 4ams, the wit of an artistic mind and the humble beginnings that has carbonised a gem.


Afrofuturism defines a spectrum of emotion and zeitgeist, which is truly the most descriptive word to use when exploring this work.
Think of yourself not as you are here today, but as you could be and where the past, present, and future can take you.

Fashion, portraiture, and editorial photography as you will explore in this body of work are merely the windowpanes to a world that is both
delighted and lively with turmoil. David cuts into these moments with sharp lighting and genius for trapping these moments as mementos.
There are two things that define an artist: the use of technique and their unique way of viewing the world and David paints that 5 years vividly.

Half A Decade is for you now, to see and for you to later remember. What is now is forever, through your lens.
“ Welcome to a new story of Africa “


- A Certificate of Authenticity

- A Personal Note from David

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